About Augie

"Augie, by John Bacchia, pays tribute to one of the finest umpires ever to call balls and strikes. It's the story of a boy who escapes the dangers of the coal mines to fly B-17s during World War II, only to be shot down and captured by the Germans. After enduring unspeakable hardship, Donatelli returns home, enrolls in umpire school, impresses everyone with his integrity and class, and starting in 1950 for the next 24 years arbitrates disputes with such Hall of Famers as Leo Durocher, Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial, and Yogi Berra. The passion, the love of the game, and the great stories are all here. Read Augie, and you'll be safe at home."

Peter Golenbock, Author of five New York Times Best Sellers,
including The Bronx Zoo, Balls, and The Forever Boys

by John Bacchia
Pages: 260
Size: 6"x9"
ISBN: 978146207240
Published: July 2011
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